5 reasons to invest in a rug this winter

Posted on November 21 2017

5 reasons to invest in a rug this winter

Exciting news - our new rug collection is now released! We've had plenty of requests from customers to introduce a modern, stylish and high quality rug range - you asked, and we've provided! 

The benefits of rugs stretch beyond style, in fact - there are many reasons why you should invest in a new rug this winter: 

1) They help to draw together a room. A room can often look bare without a rug to draw together all of the different elements. Tie together the style you're trying to achieve with a statement rug.

2) Brighten up a dull room. As a rug is a more affordable item - you can be more experimental with the style and go for a statement piece. With rugs taking up so much floorspace, it's easy to make a big difference in a room just by switching up the rug! If your interiors are minimalistic and have a neutral palette, why not go for a colour that's going to pop?

3) Warming up a space. Wooden floors or tiles may seem practical, but they're not the warmest over the winter months ... take off the chill by introducing a rug (sometimes slippers don't always cut the mustard!). Create a cosier feel to give you somewhere warm and relaxing to put your feet up over Christmas. 

4) Practical reasons. A rug doesn't only look good, it also helps to stop you slipping on wooden or tiled flooring - especially when you're wandering around in thick winter tights. It'll also give the kids somewhere warmer and comfier to sit and open their Christmas toys - rather than a cold, wooden floor!

5) Noise reduction. Fed up of hearing echos in your home? Hearing Dad screech Wham's 'Last Christmas' once is certainly enough ... A rug absorbs sound from the air, just lay one down and you'll notice the difference immediately. 

So there you have it - our top 5 reasons to introduce a rug into your home this winter.

Now it's just time to find your perfect rug! Shop our collection here. 


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